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The Lost Art of a Manly Shoe Shine

Did you know that one of the first things people notice about you is your shoes?

29 Things A Man Should Know How To Do

Tweet What you know and what you know how to do is part of being a man.  Here are 29 things a man should know and 93 ways to do it. How To Tie A Necktie To enter fully into manhood one must know how to tie a tie.   * Learn how to

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How To Change A Car Tire

Tweet Avoid the hassle of waiting for help to arrive.  Steps to changing your car tire are simple and will save you time and money. Changing a flat tire here are three things to remember 1.) Safety first – choose wisely a place to change your car tire and ensure

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How To Delegate Responsibility

Tweet Running a business can be a large undertaking without knowing how to delegate.  Money is good and business is taking off and while work is plenty help is at a minimum.  Without help one will become tied down with small details and forget about what’s important.  YOU must delegate.  A good leader knows how

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