Step to Manhood #95

“Live slightly below your means and you will always have money”

One step closer to manhood.  To help someone explore their step feel free to share your thoughts, quotes, or anecdote in the comment section below.

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“Step to Manhood #95”
  • So much of what’s wrong with our society lies with not following this one. Having extra money by living below your means is good, but more importantly, living below your means gives you financial peace of mind, freedom from the enslavement of crushing debt,and the ability to save for the future. A better quality of life. It ranks up there as one of the smartest actions my wife and I have done for the last 30 years.

  • This is something I’ve been living with for years. I have 2 motos and a roadbike. Lived in both Northern and Southern California with this lifestyle for 10 years and it has saved me a money. Thousands of dollars by not owning a car and staying single with no kids. At nearly 40 year’s old, my body is starting to let me know that it’s time to get a car. And that’s ok. My plan: Save money and buy it with cash. The Mini Cooper is all I need. I own everything I have, my bills are paid off, I write off everything I can and just have my student loan. I have saved tens of thousands of dollars living this lifestyle. More should do the same.

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