David Ho: Combating HIV

The disease has been devastating for so many. Raising false hope would add insult to injury. – David Ho

I think genuine scientific disagreement is healthy. That’s how we move science forward. And, yes there are certain people who would disagree with me about how, say, the lymphocytes are specifically destroyed by HIV, so the mechanistic issues. It’s a very controversial area. I have my views and others don’t agree with those views, but each one of us are involved with experiments trying to prove our case or in fact sometimes disproving ourselves. So, that is good and that is what science should be. – David Ho

What was his unique style or personality that set him apart from everyone else?

* Researcher * Innovative * Purpose Driven *

This is a problem for the world and therefore we’re going to solve it. – David Ho

I began with an interest in this medical curiosity, never realizing that this was going to be a big health problem for the public. But, the scientific aspect was extremely interesting in that here we were looking at something that was transmissible, capable of destroying the immune system. That was new and one way or another the science behind that would shed light on bugs and on the immune system. So, I was gung-ho from day one of the epidemic. – David Ho


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