16 Gutsy Tips For Being Courageous

If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything – Win Borden

Stand Out.  Take the hard road and embrace what people may think is impossible.  Work overtime to master personal strengths. 

Light Up Someone’s Life.  Make a connection with someone to help overcome a personal challenge.  Show them you care and believe in them. 

Jump Right In.  While others are standing by watching JUMP in with both feet.  Waiting for someone to lay it out for you will result in missed opportunity.  JUMP! 

Speak For Those Who Can’t.  Someone who’s defenseless or just not able to communicate effectively; speak up and speak out they need your help. 

Pull Your Head Out Of The Sand.  Know what you’re up against.  Rank challenges in the order of importance.  Begin to work challenges like each challenge was your first job.

Hold Your Head High.  Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve not everyone needs to know you’re going through hard times.  Chin Up and keep looking forward. 

Accept Your Truth. See it. Believe it. Start accepting your truth for what it is nothing more and nothing less.   

Finish Strong.  Sprint across the finish line.  Give all you got, push harder than you ever have and remember to give nothing less than your best.    

Face your fears.  Fear creates anxiety which clouds the mind.  Take a moment and pin point your fear.  Push back, push through, seek positive outcomes and take action.    

Explore Real Change.  Go places you never been.  Do things you’ve never done.  Routine is the foundation for stability but also takes you to the same places over and over again.  Leave your comfort zone and EXPLORE.

Go Back And Do The Work.  No one is perfect and our past has shaped our present.  If you want to be confident, brave, loving, charming, bold, talkative, fit, caring, and honest you have to put in the work.   Go get your LIFE back.

Focus On Your Next Step.  Keep your eye on the present but know the impact of each step.  Dare to LIVE with a clear purpose in life.

Stake Your Claim.  Fight against the status quo.  Step over the imaginary line and see who you will become.  What are you passionate about?    

Rest If You Must.  But never quit. Never give in.  

Stay Upbeat.  Steer clear of negative influences.  Call and hang out with friends who are upbeat, confident, and full of positive energy.    

Go BIG or Go Home.  Go to the edge with creative and innovative ideas.  Find your passion and develop it by any means necessary.   

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