5 Minute Interview: Elmo Moore


Alvin: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Elmo: My name is E.G. Moore. I’m the third generation working in my family’s dry cleaning business and founder of navydads.com, a social network for Navy Families. What I enjoy the most is being able to take from my experience as a Navy dad to help calm the anxieties that new Navy dads often experience as well.


Alvin: Its 2030 what changes would you like to see with fatherhood?

Elmo: I would have to say less absent fathers. It seems in this day in time that too many fathers run from their responsibilities.  What happened to the good old days? When the father set the example for his children, who will teach this next generation of men, what it means to be a man?


Alvin: What are your favorite activities you enjoy most with your son?

Elmo: Being a father of three boys, just about everything. We enjoy hunting, fishing, sports, and the list could go on forever. The most important thing to me is to encourage them each to follow their own interests.  So my favorite activity would be the one of their choosing.


Alvin: In your opinion what does it mean to be a man today? 

Elmo: The same as it has always been, strength, integrity, generosity, and kindness.  Setting out to achieve things of which you can be proud, and of which those around you are proud you have achieved.


Alvin: What’s your story? Name something you’ve done or experienced that became your largest step to manhood.

Elmo: My largest step to manhood was when I became a young father.


Alvin: What personal advice do you have for navy fathers and navy men navigating their way through fatherhood and manhood?

Elmo: Just remember your children will take different paths in life and your job is to support them each to the best of your ability. Lead by example!


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