A Letter To My Son: On Life’s Journey

I enjoy running and during runs I’m always asking what’s the next step, what could be better, and how does the future look?  With this line of questioning I tend to come up with some amazing ideas to implement the next day, week or month. I was thinking of you son and what you could do next, and what your future will be.
A couple of days ago your sister asked, daddy would you read me a “bed night story”? To this day I still smile at the way she says “bed night story”. The book we read is called “How Did You Grow So Big, So Soon?” every time I read this book to your sister she will catch me daydreaming at the pages and before you know it she’s giving me the nudge to start back reading. The book is about a little boy and his first day of school and how he grew up so fast. What I was daydreaming about was how fast you both are growing and I see you‘re growing to be such an exceptional young man.  I often think of your life’s journey that’s ahead of you and the trials that you will face.

My Advice

Son be you, live by a strong set of core values, enjoy a life of significance, know that life is not a race, be mindful that not everyone will like you, be strong and be open to setbacks and also learn the meaning of love. 

Be You

Son I like the young man that you’re becoming and I promise that every person in the world is already taken. While some are comfortable living or copying the lives of others, I see that you’re doing a remarkable job being yourself. With so much life ahead of you there will be lots of influence.  The brave new world will try to tell you what you should be, how to do it, and what to become, be you.  You don’t have to be the cool guy, or a part of the in-crowd.  If people are not accepting you for who you are it’s their lost for not meeting someone so authentic and true.  Be you and you will attract people who hold the same values as you. 

Live By A Strong Set Of Core Values

No one knows everything and no one ever will. Keep a strong set of core values and work to never compromise them.  Son life has a way with teaching many lessons, from disappointment, grief, struggle, to honesty, integrity, and respect. Life will have you looking for the hard answers, look to your core values they will help make many of those on the spot decisions merely by what you believe and what you stand for. Having defined your personal core values will build strong character and cultivate a better man in you. Throughout the years you’ll end up with a number of core values just make sure you protect your top five that are most important to you and honor them.   

A Life Of Significance

Do something!  It doesn’t matter what it is just be passionate about doing something for your community, your country, your life, a friend or a perfect stranger. Go places to see different cultures and meet regularly with people who are different than you. Reach out to life by being active and be a volunteer where it’s needed. Life is about what we do for others follow it and everything else will fall into place. 

Life Is Not A Race

Live life one day at a time don’t rush it, celebrate the small victories in life and keep moving forward. Fancy cars, fine homes, and the nice girls are all seasonal. Life is also not a competition, how fast can you do this or how fast can you do that?  Take your time, run at a steady pace, work your plan, and all seasonal things will compliment your life in due time. Remember that each step you take in life to give your personal best.

“Judge your success by the path you take to get there – unknown” 

Not Everyone Will Like You

Everyone comes with some type of baggage whether it’s emotional or family related, understand you cannot change them. Be nice, they probably won’t like you and if that’s the case learn to handle these situations. You may not be liked for the way you talk, walk, the way you dress, how well you perform in or out of school.  However many reasons there are don’t let their hang ups become yours. Make it a habit not to carry any of those emotions to bed with you. There is a saying “when people show you who they are believe them”. So if you see those who are being mean know how to treat or how not to treat them. 

Be Strong

Son my definition of a man’s strength when I was a pre-teen like you, it was about how much weight I could lift and today I smile when I look back in time. Being strong for a man means a number of things and of course your physical strength is important. However internal strength such as will power, resiliency, confidence, and what you believe is truly were the real strength comes from. Grow thicker skin so when harsh words are hurled your way there only words. Being strong means when you feel that it’s almost time to quit you don’t; you dig deep and fight your way to the end.

Set Backs

Life is one big crazy rodeo things can be going so well one day and other days you’ll find yourself being knocked to the ground. I say to you get up, dust yourself off and look for no one’s pity. Get back on and ride life like you’ve never rode it before. Your ability to bounce back from setbacks will keep you moving forward with your life’s journey. No time to sit and shoulda, coulda, woulda, the best time to get back on top is when you’ve been knocked down. 


Keep your eyes open and love hard. Make no restrictions with your love and use the word love only when you truly mean it. Be not afraid of who you give your heart but know whose deserving and who is not. Remember Love it’s what you DO.
Son you’re an amazing young man and remember it’s not about what you do; it’s about what you believe and what you will fight for.
Love Dad

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