29 Things A Man Should Know How To Do

What you know and what you know how to do is part of being a man.  Here are 29 things a man should know and 93 ways to do it.

How To Tie A Necktie

To enter fully into manhood one must know how to tie a tie.  

* Learn how to tie a tie

* How to tie a tie

* Tie a Tie Video

* Brooks Brothers | How to tie a tie

How To Shake Hands

A good handshake will gauge a man’s self confidence.

* How to shake hands

* How to give a handshake + video

* Hand shake

How To Perform Basic First Aid

You never know who will need assistance.

* Red Cross – Basic First Aid training

* Basic First Aid and CPR

* Basic First Aid tips

How To Throw A Football

Whether it’s teaching your son, or playing on the beach or with a neighbor there are steps to throwing a football correctly.

* How to throw a football

* How to hold and throw the football + text and video

* How to throw a football like a Pro

How To Manage Time

You can do it ALL, life, work, family, hobbies, and college by managing time. 

* Ten tips for time management in a multitasking world

* Time management training 

*Improve Your Time Management and Productivity with this Simple Tip

* How to be more effective with your time

How To Negotiate

Getting the pay raise that you want and to getting your son cut the grass. 

* How to negotiate like a Pro

How to negotiate anything

* How to negotiate anything + video

How To Delegate

A skill every leader, father, and man must have. 

* Work Smarter. Work Harder. Delegate

* 10 Tips On How To Delegate

* How To Delegate Effectively

* The Importance Of Knowing How To Delegate

 How To Shine Shoes

There’s a saying you can tell a lot about a man that takes good care of his shoes. 

* Shine your shoes like a soldier

* How to shine your shoes

* How to shine shoes?

How To Purchase The Right Suit

There are so many different styles, different colors, and endless brands to choose from.  Know what works for you.

* How to purchase a suit

* How to buy a fitted suit

* How to buy a man’s business suit

* How to buy and fit a suit + video

How To Wax A Car

A couple of steps to waxing a car it can take 1 hour or it can take 3 hours.  

* How to wax a car – video + text

* How to wax a car

* Choosing the car wax

How To Speak In Front Of A Crowd

You never know when you will be a volunteer to speak or be asked to do an impromptu speech. 

* How to speak in front of large groups of people

* Your guide to becoming a confident and effective public speaker

* Better public speaking and presentation

How To Give A Massage

Here’s how to earn points with a lady, learn or master a massage lesson. 

* How to give a massage

* How to give a full body massage

* Give a body massage

How To Grill

Bring everyone together with good food and great people. 

* Grilling guide

* How to grill great steaks

* How to grill

How To Carve A Turkey

A good knife and proper techniques go a long way for carving a turkey.

* How to carve a turkey

* How to carve chicken and turkey

* How to carve a turkey with Mark Dommen

How To Perform CPR

Trained and certified you could be the only person in a room one day capable of saving a life.

* How to perform CPR

* How to perform CPR

* Learn CPR you can do it

How To Do A Perfect Push Up

Random formula: Divide your weight by four and you get the minimum number of pushups you should be able to do.   

* Perfect push up – Tony Horton’s Power stands

* How to do a push up

* How to do a proper push up

How To Change A Car Tire

It happens to the best of us on days when it’s raining, snowing, or headed out to an important meeting.

* How to change a tire

* 11 steps for how to change a flat tire on your car

* How to change a flat tire

How To Buy A Car

Not knowing what to say or being able to counter their proposal is a daunting task when buying a car.

* 10 Steps to buying a new car

* Buy a car without getting screwed

* Confessions of a car Salesman

How To Be A Better Father

Here are four blogs that I recently discovered and learn something new from each visit.    

* AlmightyDad Blog

* Mocha Dad Blog

* Rebel Dad Blog

* Clever Father Blog

How To Cook

Cooking is not everyone’s thing but you have to eat.  No one has to be the iron chef but learning three meals is self sufficient. 

* Cooking Breakfast

* Cooking Lunch

* Cooking Dinner

How To Operate A Computer

It’s how we pay our bills, buy clothing, order books, read the news it’s a part of our day to day.  Familiar with how to operate a computer keeps you connected. 

* How to make your computer operate faster

* How to hook up a computer

* How to install RAM

How To Host A Party

Food, entertainment, great people, and a cool party theme now this sounds like a lot of FUN.

* How to host a successful party

* How to host a cocktail party

*How to host a Super Bowl Party

How To Hold A Baby

Holding the baby for the first time remember two things “safe & comfortable”.   

* How to hold the baby on your hip

* How to hold a baby checklist

* Best ways to hold and carry a baby

How To Handle A Job Interview

Proper attire and saying the right things get’s their attention but attitude closes the deal. 

* How to ace a job interview

* How to dress for the interview

* Job Interview tips

* Job Interview questions

How Set Up A Tent

You can’t go wrong reading the directions (before arriving at the camp site).    

* How To Set Up A Tent

* How To Set Up A Tent – Video

* Tent Camping Tips

How To Build A Campfire

Having roasted marshmallows over an open flame with chocolate, and graham crackers kids just don’t forget these moments.  

* How To Build A Campfire

* How To Build A Campfire – Video

* Campfire Cooking

How To Jump Start A Car

Reviving a dead battery and bringing it back to life you’ll two things jumper cables and someone to give you a jump. 

* Jump-start A Car

* How To Jump Start A Car – video

* Jump Start Steps

How To Install Home Theater System

Bring the movie experience right into your living room. 

* Home Theater Design

* How To Install A Home Theater System

* How To Install Wireless Home Theater System

How To Make A Budget

Manage it all and continue doing the things that you love. 

* How To Make  A Budget

* How To Budget 10 Easy Steps

* Budgeting

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