How To Change A Car Tire

Avoid the hassle of waiting for help to arrive.  Steps to changing your car tire are simple and will save you time and money.

Changing a flat tire here are three things to remember 1.) Safety first – choose wisely a place to change your car tire and ensure each step is safely executed.  2.) Tools – Inventory tools to perform tire change.  3.) Follow steps and tips below. 

Tools you will need to change car tire.

–          Jack

–          Lug wrench or tire iron

–          Spare tire

–          Mat for knee

–          *Key only if your wheel has locks


Step#1 Place jack on a flat surface leveled to the deck. 

Step#2 Raise car until tire is off the deck. 

Step#3 Use lug wrench to remove lugs. 

Step#4 After lugs are off remove flat tire. 

Step#5 Replace tire with spare and tighten lugs.    

Step#6 Release jack to lower car to the deck and finish tighten lugs.

Step#7 Remove jack and place all items infthe trunk of the car. 

Tips for changing the tire:

– Turn hazard lights on if you’re on the side of the road or where traffic will be passing you. 

– Watch where you place the lug nuts as they tend to roll.  Place them in a small container and keep them close to avoid losing one.

– Have with you a can of WD40 for lugs nuts that have been placed on extremely tight.  Spray once or twice will assist you getting the lug nuts off.  

Remove all tools from car prior to raising the car.  (If you’re in a business suit you may want to use a mat to kneel on.)

– Use a tire gauge to measure air pressure for spare.

– Spare tire is used for short distances

– Using the small spare tire watch your speed.  Check user manual for safe speeds when driving on a spare.

– See owner’s manual for proper placement of jack.  During lift incorrect placement of jack could damage your car.  

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