How To Delegate Responsibility

Running a business can be a large undertaking without knowing how to delegate.  Money is good and business is taking off and while work is plenty help is at a minimum.  Without help one will become tied down with small details and forget about what’s important. 

YOU must delegate.  A good leader knows how to delegate and make it look easy when it’s not.  It takes skill and a lot of practice to master the art of delegation.  But once you have mastered the art of delegation you will be in a league of your own.   

A couple of things you want to remember when delegating.  1.) Assign, 2.) Empower, 3.) Inspect what you expect, and 4.) Feedback.  Here are 4 steps to delegating responsibility.    


– Designate someone who can perform the job and share the responsibility.  

– Choosing the correct person for the job to saves time and avoid rework.

– Accountability: Explain how completing task successfully will support objectives and how failure will result in setbacks.  

– Use authority to drive the direction for job completion. 

– Follow timeline to remain on schedule.

“Never tell them how to do the task just tells them what you need done.  Let them think and they may surprise you” – Author Unknown


– Be clear to explain assigned authority.  For example instead of being given the authority to perform A, B, C, advise them they’re now able perform A through Z.  Explaining their authority removes ambiguity and confusion about what they’re capable of doing. 

Inspect What You Expect:

– Follow up with project and verify objectives are being met. 

– Verify timeline is being followed and executed.

– Check to see if expected results are being completed to achieve end goal. 

– Conduct a face to face to get a pulse and show you care about project development.  This action is not to be confused with micromanagement where this is used to closely monitor someone’s work with excessive control while pointing out minor details.         

“If you fail to follow up you Get What You Inspect Not What You Expect” – Author Unknown”


– If expectations are being met provide onsite feedback, instant gratification for personnel goes a long way.  Explain how desire results will support the end goal. 

– Motivate team with project

– If project is not moving in the right direction provide onsite feedback to explain how failure to accomplish desired results will hinder forward movement of project. 

What to delegate?

– Normal Operations

– Day to day tasks that are routine and covered by policies or procedures

What not to delegate? 

– Policy making

– Confidential matter

Save time and money avoiding rework delegate properly.  Any super secrets about delegating you would like to share?  Tell us, we want to know.  See comment section below.  

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