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5 Minute Interview: Brett Nicol & Nate Tan

Tweet Question #1  Alvin: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it? Brett Nicol – Gregarious.  Jock.  Big head.  Sports Illustrated.  Beer.  Gym shorts.  Good intentions.  Often Forgetful. Nate Tan – Mysterious.  Sartorialist.  Small head.  Esquire.  Scotch.  Tailored suit.  Good intentions.  Always a

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Dating: How To Plan The First Date

Tweet CALM. COOL. and COLLECTED!  A well thought out plan is half the battle to a successful first date.   There’s excitement to planning the first date because you’re trying to impress your date.  Three key ingredients for being successful (1) be the gentlemen (2) be authentic and (3) have great conversation (get

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How to be a Gentleman

Tweet A gentleman never allows a door to slam in the face of another person – male or female, absolute stranger or longtime best friend. A gentleman does not make jokes about race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation; neither does he find such jokes amusing. A gentleman knows how to

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