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Shaving Brush 100% Badger Hair

Tweet A high quality shaving brush can be the perfect companion for creating a great lather for a comfortable shave.   Here are a couple of places to find a quality brush with 100% badger hair: The Art Of Shaving, Classic Shaving, or The New York Shaving Co. clever. confident. things. * creating a rich lather * soften and

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Amazon Kindle 3

Tweet Amazon’s digital e-book reader now smaller, faster and cheaper.   Also giving you the option to use Twitter and Facebook to share meaningful passages from your favorite books.  This one device has many options.  clever. confident. things. * no glare * 6″ size reading area * read-to-me * store up to 3,500 books *

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Army Backpack Built To Last

Tweet Here’s a bag that will last a lifetime.  A backpack that’s not built for style but is known for it’s ability to withstand harsh conditions. clever. confident. things. * nearly indestructible * light weight * durable * easy access * heavy duty straps *convenient compartments * accommodate heavy load * inexpensive * tough fabric * simplicity

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