Dating: How To Plan The First Date

CALM. COOL. and COLLECTED!  A well thought out plan is half the battle to a successful first date.  

There’s excitement to planning the first date because you’re trying to impress your date.  Three key ingredients for being successful (1) be the gentlemen (2) be authentic and (3) have great conversation (get to know her). 

 Women are attracted to confident men.  Plan your date, call to give her a summary of events, clean the car and get cash.   When you meet face to face take charge, be the gentlemen.


Identify great tasting food, a comfortable place to drink coffee, and a nice place for dessert.  Having options is a good idea you may want to change venues to suit your mood.  If you’re having a great time right up until the night is coming to an end you may choose a walk in the park or a stroll on the beach.  Listening to the waves splash against the shore can be refreshing more importantly there’s minimal distractions.

Having already identified great places for food, coffee and dessert this is so you don’t get pinned down in one location without an options.  Who wants to run out of options and miss out with great conversation opportunities.  

Phone Date 

Phone your date, fill her in with details and tell her that tomorrow will be exciting.  Summarize so if the date includes walking she can prepare for the occasion.  For example.  Bring a light jacket and wear comfortable shoes. 

Clean the Car

A full tank of gas just in case you decide to be spontaneous and drive the coast.   Vacuum the inside of the car and wash if needed.  If the inside of the car is clean the assumption from your date is your apartment is clean.  

Cash for date

You’ll need cash for tips, dinner, and other incidentals.  Restaurants can be busy and sometimes with limited parking.  Have cash to valet if service is available. 

Take charge

Be on time when picking up your date.  Make eye contact and pay your date an authentic compliment.  Discuss details for first part of the date.  Going over date details in person will relax her and it let’s her know that you’re in charge.   

Being the Gentleman

Open the car door, allow her to go first, pull out her chair and pay for dinner.  A gentleman takes the lead with date. 

Saying Good Night

Walk her to the door.  This is normally when you are suppose to reach in and give your date a kiss.  Don’t be afraid be confident and go for it.  At this point you should have some idea prior to the saying good night whether or not if you should lean in for the kiss.  This could be measured by the way you were or were not holding hands during the date.

Rule of thumb pick great locations to eat exceptional food and call in advance for reservations.  Make multiple reservations so when you can’t make one you’ll have a back up plan. 

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