Category Manifesto

On the Street… Be Humble

Tweet “Be Humble but never lose your dignity.  This is the greatest lesson a man can ever learn.”

On the Street… Put Away Childish Thinking

Tweet Put away childish thinking and do things that a man would do.  I’m finish lying to my wife she tends to get really mad when I do. 

On the Street… Be Yourself

Tweet “Be Yourself, no one can ever take that from you.”

On the Street… Take Care of Your Family

Tweet “Take care of your family, your responsibilities, and be true to yourself.”

On the Street… Appreciate People

Tweet “Appreciate people and be open to interesting relationships.”

On the Street… Trust in Jesus

Tweet “Trust in Jesus and follow him.”

On the Street… Respect

Tweet “Respect yourself and your neighbor.”

On the Street… Be Considerate

Tweet “Be Considerate… With technology these days it seems as though everyone steps on one another.”

On the Street… Be Straight Up!

A conversation about men and what to remember.