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The simple act of washing your hands

Tweet Fact: The simple act of washing hands with soap and water after going to the toilet can reduce diarrhoeal diseases by over 40% learn more….

Wolverine 1000 Miles

Tweet Established in Rockford, Michigan, in 1883 Wolverine made the original boots that helped build the railroads, erect skyscrapers, and expand highways across this great country. A historic mile marker for the brand took place in 1914, when Wolverine introduced a footwear line called the 1000 Mile Boot.  more… clever.

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Shaving Brush 100% Badger Hair

Tweet A high quality shaving brush can be the perfect companion for creating a great lather for a comfortable shave.   Here are a couple of places to find a quality brush with 100% badger hair: The Art Of Shaving, Classic Shaving, or The New York Shaving Co. clever. confident. things. * creating a rich lather * soften and

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Kettlebell Combines Light Strength With Cardio

Tweet Fitness equipment that’s easy to use and guarantees results as long as you put in the work.  Who would’ve thought swinging this kettlebell back and forth would provide strength and cardio.  There’s a right and wrong way to train with this equipment be sure to do your homework. clever. confident.

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Army Backpack Built To Last

Tweet Here’s a bag that will last a lifetime.  A backpack that’s not built for style but is known for it’s ability to withstand harsh conditions. clever. confident. things. * nearly indestructible * light weight * durable * easy access * heavy duty straps *convenient compartments * accommodate heavy load * inexpensive * tough fabric * simplicity

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