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What is this site about?

My site is focused on being clever, confident while becoming a better father and a better man.     

Why create this site?   

I’m passionate about life and my hopes are to attract a community committed to fatherhood and manhood.  My mission is to explore opportunities and life experiences for becoming better fathers and better men.   

AllSwagga informs its readers of the many great things that go unnoticed and how to do them better by covering some of these things in our posts.  I hope articles/post will inspire our readers to pursue their own greatness in whatever it is that excites them.  

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Email: contact(at)allswagga(dot)com

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Who am I?

My name is Alvin and I’m the father of two and King to my Queen who brings our family unconditional love and joy. I’m a clever dad, mentor, instructor, basketball coach, Big Brother Big Sister volunteer; I specialize in computer network defense, and information assurance. I’ve lived overseas and have traveled to more places than I’m able to recall. 

While casting my opinions I don’t claim to be the expert who have all the answers, I do claim, placing one foot in front of the other, to live out every day giving 110%.

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