George Lopez: I don’t Battle Myself

I didn’t come from a background where I saw a lot of loving couples. All my aunts and uncles were either split up or fighting all the time. The only healthy relationships I saw were on TV. – George Lopez

I had a very difficult childhood. I was surrounded by people who had both parents, which made me feel different. Having a bit of a rougher existence early on, it made me appreciate the work ethic that my grandparents instilled in me. – George Lopez

What was his unique style or personality that set him apart from everyone else?

* Original * Down to earth * Straightforward *

I’ve gotten to a place where I am comfortable and I don’t battle myself. I’m further ahead than I ever thought I’d be. I’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations. Including, I think, my own. – George Lopez

I grew up with nothing and nobody ever told me I could do anything. I never knew my father, and my mother wasn’t the best, most stable person. My grandparents raised me, and my grandmother never really connected with me. I just had a home. So I was kind of left to my own self. When I found out that nobody had ever graduated from high school in our family, I wanted to be the first one to graduate. By the time I was 11, I wanted to be a comedian. So all those years later, I’ve managed to achieve my dream as a kid, and it wasn’t easy. I’m on the Walk of Fame and I’m one of the 25 most influential Hispanics in America, according to Time Magazine. I think my duty is to go back and tell kids, whatever color you are, wherever you come from, anything and everything is possible. And I’m living proof. – George Lopez


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