The Short Guide To Powerful Eye Contact

The most important things in those first few seconds are, basically, a firm handshake and a smile, good eye contact and really paying attention.  – Pat Schaumann

Photo Credit: M. Pratter's (Flickr)

Establishes a connection and builds relationships.

Tells a person you’re interested in what they are saying.

Sends the message of being self assured and confident.

Pay someone a compliment and be sure to look them in the eye.

Establishes an intimate connection.

5 to 10 seconds of good eye contact (don’t stare) briefly look away and then back.

A genuine smile with good eye contact tends to put people at ease.

Consistent eye contact can suggest confidence, authority and expertise.

Communicates that you’re listening.

Feels Awkward!  Practice with a friend or family member.

If eye contact is not being returned it has nothing to do with you.

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