41 Tough Questions to ask your Dad

“Father taught us that opportunity and responsibility go hand in hand. I think we all act on that principle; on the basic human impulse that makes a man want to make the best of what’s in him and what’s been given him.”

Stay hungry Stay foolish!  That’s Steve Jobs motto, now apply it to education, family, and fatherhood and one could only imagine what the future will become.

Being better than our father is a father’s dream and one way to put back into the world all things we take from it.

For some the road to do better will be long and for others it will be short but regardless of the road it starts by asking questions and doing.

Here are 41 questions to ask your dad…. What questions are you asking?

1. What was your relationship with your father like?

2. What’s your philosophy on fatherhood?

3. Have you ever quit anything before?

4. What’s your secret to building true friendships?

5. How do you discover new ways to do something i.e. did you brainstorm and put in on paper, did you daydream etc.?

6. Have you ever been fired before?

7. What are key ingredients for strengthening a family?

8. Do you have any regrets for something you wish you would have done?

9. How do you deal with criticism?

10. What are the three  things in life to never do?

11. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness?

12. What are the top three things that you stand for?

13. What are you most grateful for?

14. Which mistakes taught the greatest life lessons?

15. When did you realize you were no longer a boy?

16. Do you believe snitching is a good or a bad thing? Have you ever snitched on a friend?

17. Which do you have more of courage or integrity?

18. Are you living your dream or are you chasing it?

19. Do you consider cooking and cleaning a woman’s work?

20. What’s your strategy for taking major risks?

21. If you were to win the lottery how would you spend the money?

22. Who were your best friends and why?

23. What has been your greatest struggle?

24. How would you define a fathers role at home?

25. How important is personal appearance?

26. What traditions your father pass on to you and you passed to your children?

27. Why did you marry mom?

28. Why did you divorce mom?

29. How do you get to do what you want regardless of the odds?

30. What habits do you have that are not aligned with your core values?

31. What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?

32. How has being consistent changed your life?

33. What are your favorite childhood memories?

34. One thing you wanted to hear your father say to you?

35. How much money is enough?

36. How much education is enough?

37. Which was more important to you being a father or being a husband?

38. What has been your greatest accomplishment?

39. What has been your strategy in challenging your children to do more?

40. What was your vision and purpose for your children?

41. Were you a giver or a taker?

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“41 Tough Questions to ask your Dad”
  • I remember asking my dad a few months before he died, “If you could go back in time, would you still marry Mom? Would you still have us? (My two brothers and me.) He said:

    “Yes, I’d still marry your mother, I’d still have you. But I wouldn’t bust my ass as I did all those years trying to slave to buy you stuff that I didn’t have growing up in poverty. It was what I was told I was supposed to do–bust my ass for ‘stuff.’ Stupid, stupid mistake.”

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