5 Minute Interview: Joel Runyon

Question #1

Alvin: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Joel: My name is Joel Runyon. I’m the author of the Blog of Impossible Things where I document my attempts to do the impossible. I’m also the Marketing Director for Fat Atom Internet Marketing in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love connecting with people, solving problems and pushing myself to my limits to see what I’m really capable of and helping others do the same.

Question #2  

Alvin: Pick any man in the world as your role model who would it be and why?

Joel: Growing up, David Robinson was a hero of mine. He’s an example of a world-class athlete that took pride in everything he did and worked to be the best at what he did. But, he was also a class act off the court, respected other people and gave back to his community out of the opportunities provided to him.

Question #3 

Alvin: What do you wish to accomplish 1 year from today? 

Joel: I’d like to continue living a life that defies the possible and keep exploring what I’m really capable of. Specific things on my impossible list that I would like to accomplish, barring any injuries, are running my first marathon and completing a Half-Ironman. I also would like to release a manifesto on the impossible currently in the works.

Question #4  

Alvin: So far, what have you learned by taking the hard road and pushing yourself to do more? 

Joel: I’m not actually living up to my potential. The more and more things I push myself to do, the more things I realize are open to me. It’s really similar to learning a language. As you learn a language, the more you learn about the language, the more intricacies and nuances you find in it and the more you realize how little you actually know. Same with pushing yourself. The more you do and the more things you accomplish, the more you realize how much is left out there to accomplish. The journey has just begun.

Question #5  

Alvin: What has been your largest step to manhood?

Joel: Realizing that the only one responsible for my situation, my actions, and my life is me. If I’m unhappy with how things are, it’s my responsibility to change it. It’s not my parents’, not my school’s, it’s not my employer’s, and it’s not my friends’. It’s mine. When you start to take responsibility for yourself, your situation, and your actions, and take charge of your life, a lot of doors begins to open.


Alvin: What has been the best advice you received about being a man?

Joel: Courage is vastly underrated. I don’t know if it’s been one specific piece of advice, but in the last few years especially, I’ve realized how rare courage is. It takes a lot of courage for people to do good, meaningful and impossible things and there need to be more people willing to step up and do them.

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