Eighty Percent of Fatherhood is Showing Up

“I talk and talk and talk, and I haven’t taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week.”

“80 percent of success is just showing up”  -Woody Allen

1. Show up to amplify what your kids care about most.

2. Show up to listen to your kids words, thoughts and dreams.

3. Show up to spend quantity time and do as many small things as you possibly can.

4. Show up to discover and create family traditions that work.

5. Show up to advocate creativity and innovation.

6. Show up to be the first to have hard talks about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

7. Show up to welcome your child’s individuality.

8. Show up to communicate what it means to be a family.

9. Shows up to let children make mistakes and give them the opportunity to discover solutions.

10. Show up to feed their imagination and encourage them to dream BIG.

11. Show up to ensure personal core values are adopted.

12. Show up and be the example for what you want to see in your children.

13. Show up to take on challenging projects and invite the kids to be a part of it.

14. Show up to teach how to handle adversity.

15. Show up always giving your personal best. 

16. Show up to plan out family matters so the family can sleep peacefully at night.

17. Show up and be available for small talk.

18. Show up to give back to the community.

19. Show up to accept children’s individuality.

20. Show up to never argue with child but teach respect and how to disagree respectfully.

21. Show up to laugh out loud and play hard.

22. Show up to learn new things together.

23. Show up to teach the value of a dollar. Let your kid spend their money the way they want but coach them along the way.

24. Show up to put your arms around your child and tell them they will be Great someday.   

25. Show up to offer support when needed. 

26. Show up to approve of your kids actions when they go the extra mile.

27. Show up to eat together as a family.

28. Show up to tell your children what you do for them.   Kids trust their eyes and they’re watching to see how you do it. 

29. Show up to be the person family leans on when times are hard.

30. Show up to believe in your kids when they don’t believe in themselves.

31. Show up to love, respect, and adore their mother.

32. Show up to expect the best from your child.

33. Show up to say I Love You.

34. Show up to be authentic and let them see the real you. Father’s make mistakes too.

35. Show up thinking of your children before you think of yourself.

36. Show up asking open ended questions to learn more than the obvious.

37. Show up and read books aloud instead of watching a TV show.

38. Show up to share your passion, dreams and successes. 

39. Show up to listen before you speak. Use words to build and not tear down.

40. Show up to explore role play for teachable moments i.e. The proper way to answer the telephone or how to say no to a stranger.

41. Show up to teach kids how to make healthy food choices.

42. Show up to take a road trip during long weekends.

43. Show up to pull the plug on technology.  Pick a day to get out of the house and do something physical.

44. Show up to advocate creativity and innovation early on.

45. Show up to witness your children bounce forward after a fall.    

46. Show up to teach kids to respect boundaries and when it’s time to set new ones.

47. Show up to say daddy has your back.

48. Show up to express the importance of original thought.

49. Show up to give more than was ever given to you.

50. Show up to make birthdays special. 

51. Show up and demonstrate what it means to HUSTLE.

52. Show up walking the walk instead of all of the talk. Be a dad.

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2 Discussions on
“Eighty Percent of Fatherhood is Showing Up”
  • All good but I add:

    Show up to change diapers.

    Show up to wipe noses.

    Show up to be a role model on how to fold clothes and wash dishes.

    Show up to teach by example how to be an equal partner in a relationship.

    Show up to kiss scrapes.

    Because these are the essence of being a real dad, not just a father.

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