Step to Manhood #83

Being the Tough Guy is important, it’s not so important when you step on others.

One step closer to manhood.  To help someone explore their step feel free to share your thoughts, quotes, or anecdote in the comment section below.

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“Step to Manhood #83”
  • this is ridiculus… Manhood is not demonstrated by toughness. That is pure macho paradigm. Assertiveness and being capable of standing firm in what you believe is VERY different than toughness. Being tough results of an inhability to be firm without being defensive and or agressive. It is disappointing for me to see this in this website, which in my opinion has a lot of good stuff.

  • @ Sergio – Being a man will never be one thing and it’s not about arriving at any destination that will turn men into men it’s the journey. Having a Tough Guy approach to life with a mental and physical toughness is important. Of course Life will try to push men around but only if you allow it.

    Most men featured here have their own brand of toughness and with the attitude of saying I will not FAIL. That same tough guy approach where failure is not an option is needed for each man to become his own man. Be a Tough Guy! Don’t step on others when times are tough and life tells you, you can’t.

    Sergio thanks for your contribution!

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