5 Minute Interview: Tristan Clopet

Question #1 

Alvin: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Tristan: I’m Tristan Clopêt. I spend 95% of my waking life thinking of ways I can entertain people with vibrations. I enjoy when people have told me I’ve made an impact on their lives. Sounds self-righteous and superfluous but it’s the truth. 

Question #2  

Alvin: What inspires your music?

Tristan: The music itself is just an outlet of emotion. That’s why my songs are so different from one another. Because I was created and raised to be such a passionate person, I enjoy extremes and honesty. Having said that, I do make a conscious effort to try and write about original ideas, lyrically. That proves to be much, much tougher.

Question #3 

Alvin: What do you wish to accomplish 1 year from today? 

Tristan: There are two answers to this question. The careerist in me wants to have won a Grammy and have sold out Royal Albert Hall. But the other side of me wants to be alive and healthy gearing up for another Christmas with all of my family and friends present. 

Question #4 

Alvin: So far, what has been your greatest musical experience?  

Tristan: In May of this year, I was very graciously invited on a mini-tour opening for The Swell Season. The last night was in Orlando at the Hard Rock Live. With just an acoustic guitar and a microphone, I performed eight of my best songs to over a thousand people with my two biggest supporters, my sister and father, in the audience. After that, The Swell Season invited me on the stage for their encore.  Between the two, it was a very good night.

Question #5 

Alvin: What has been your largest step to manhood?

Tristan: I thought about this question for a while as I’ve never been asked it before.  The term ‘manhood’ is so arbitrary. I think a lot of different people would say a male arrives at that destination by different benchmarks. My definition of a man is my father so I think the day he instilled in me that it’s important to admit when you’re wrong. I think humility and modesty are critical characteristics of a man and I’m thankful for that lesson.


Alvin: What has been the best advice you received about being a man?

Tristan: Aside from my father, I also had the good fortune of having a very influential and loving step father from about six years old. I think the period in between ‘live-in dads’ I learned to take my mother for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved her with everything I had but a child needs a father figure present in the house. So when this man came into my life and told me that my job as a son is to protect my mother, to look after her…that was a big realization. To that point, it was a one way relationship, I was the only boy in the family, the baby no less, and she was to take care of me. After that, I took great pride in being the one who really protected my mother, never spoke back, always respected her etc. My son will absolutely make sure he respects his mother. When I get married and have kids in 2031.


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