Hard Work Teaches 16 Simple Lessons

I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.  – Lombardi

Ditch the fear. Stop saying what you can’t do or don’t know.  Start doing!

Common sense. See it for what it is.  Use common sense strategies to accomplish complex problems.

Be free to create. Forget about rules and restrictions. Think outside the box, think the unthinkable, and imagine the unimaginable.  Now go back to your box and make it work.

Use stumbling blocks to stand taller than yesterday, strive to be wiser than last week and forge new beginnings.  Learn from each stumble.

Ingredients for an easy day.  Have an iron sense of purpose and a truck load of confidence.

Ask the right questions. Doors open when using the right key.  Start asking the right questions and become unstoppable.

Avoid Gimmicks.  Gimmicks appear cool, fun, and hip.  Attack the problem instead of creating two by using gimmicks.

Go with the flow.  Never sell your soul but pay attention to what’s important and embrace what’s new.  Go with the flow and discover YOU by mastering something new.

Produce results anything less is Drama.  Bring on the Results!

Worry Not.  Worry is a job the only difference is you don’t get paid for it.  Move on with being productive.

Stay upbeat. Smile when it gets tough; be glad when it gets tougher.  Your action tests your character and inspires those who are watching.

The right attitude.  Leave your problems at the door and cultivate the mindset of a Champion.

This is how it’s always been done.  A comfortable way to avoid the opportunity to Think.  Rip out mediocre efforts and plant new seeds.

Fix what’s broken and excel in doing the basics exceptionally well.

Focus. Focus. Focus. There are a million ways to do it wrong. Be brilliant, find one way that work and give it all your attention.

Have Fun. Work hard then play hard.  Recharge your life and set your Creativity on fire.

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