Fatherhood: 18 Tips From Dads Online

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.  – C. Kelland” 

1.  100 Ways to be a Better Father

Work on improving your relationship with your wife or partner.

2.  Things My Son Should Know After I’ve Die

I chose to do something with my life that I knew I could fail at. I spent my whole life walking and hid such colorful wings.

3.  12 Rules for My Unborn Daughter

 Never make fun of your brother in front of other girls

4.  Modern Dads and The Women Who Love Them

Understand the legacy of your own father. Your expectations for how your husband, partner or co-parent fathers are influenced to a large degree by the father you grew up with (or without). Simple as it may sound, try to stay aware of the fact that he is not your father, for better and for worse. This requires some understanding on your part about what you got and didn’t get from your own father.

5.  Being Involved and Connected to Your Children: Tips from a Working Dad

Let Them Know How Hard You Work For Them: As much as I sacrifice and work hard for my family, I make sure they understand this.  I don’t do this for appreciation or gratitude purposes.  I talk about how hard I work because I want them to make similar commitments in their young lives.  I want them to study hard, to practice their violin, or baseball, and to fully commit to whatever goals they have in life.

6.  All Pro Dad Mark shares his story

In order to stay close to my children and remain involved in their lives, I turned down several promotional opportunities with my employer that would have moved me away from my children.  After buying a home in the same school district as my older children and attempting to gain joint custody of my older children, my ex-wife moved to a small town 45 minutes away. 

7.  Chatting With Natural Papa, Derek Markham

One small step that ended up sparking a lot of thought about my life was becoming a vegetarian – my wife was one, and I resisted it until I started learning about the sketchy nature of our modern industrial food system, especially the meat industry. I thought to myself…

8.  The Difference A Father Can Make

Dads can teach incredibly important life skills – how an air conditioner works, how to repair a car engine, how to plant a garden, why a checkbook must be balanced – just by interacting with their children and getting them involved in every day life.

9.  A Letter To My Son, on Starting Out In Life

Life Can Be Cruel.  There will be people in your life who won’t be very nice. They’ll tease you because you’re different, or for no good reason. They might try to bully you or hurt you.

10.  A Father’s Job

A father makes the difficult seem easy. He may be on the verge of falling on his ass, but he’ll put on a facial expression that makes it look like a cool Westside Story stage slide. Because you inspire him to.

11.  10 Things I Learned (Or Unlearned) When I Had Kids

I used to think that “nature versus nurture” was pretty evenly split, and that we really could shape our kids, impact them, make all the difference. But now I know better: It’s 80/20 (against, by the way), and all we can hope to do is keep them from going to the dark side.

12.  Relocating To Save Money On Housing

So the big question is this: Would you consider moving to a new city if housing prices were cheaper, and you could buy more house for a lower percentage of your monthly income? After all, these days more people are considering relocating to end unemployment; why not relocate to spend less on housing, often a family’s largest budget category.

13.  We Must Stop Teaching Our Sons to Sow Their Wild Oats

Sadly, I wasn’t the only boy who had this type of sexual education. Men actively encourage their boys to be sexually promiscuous or to put it in laymen terms: sow their wild oats. Any man who even thought to encourage his daughter to sow her wild oats would be eviscerated, but no one seems to have a problem with letting boys be boys.

14.  If You’re a Parent To A Young Athlete, You NEED To Read This

Regardless of what sport or activity your child does, I think it’s a mistake to have them do that one single thing on a year round basis.

15.  Growing Up Google

With our children, growing up Google, there is so much potential to miss those character building moments when we catch them doing wrong AND right and are able to praise or correct and I see that as the biggest potential loss. When I was a hormonally driven boy…

16.  Proud Dads Make Pretty Good Fathers

This is a wonderful take about Fatherhood. We Dads we talk differently than our counterparts but we do have a voice and this is one I want to hear more often.  Keep being a cool Dad Talking CC

17.  What My Dad Did Right – It Was Mom Who Taught Me to Be a Dad

I make no excuses for my typical 11 to 12 hour work day, it allows Roxanne, my wife of 14 years to stay home with our children and gives me the opportunity to do a job that I absolutely love.

18.  9 Tips for Dads to Encourage Reading

Go to the library together. Libraries have something for people of every age and background. No matter how old she is, you can help turn her on to the joys of wondering the stacks and discovering hidden treasures of books around every corner.


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