5 Minute Interview: Charles McCree

Question #1

Alvin: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Charles: My name is Charles McCree and I am the C.E.O of THE MCCREE MARKETING CONCEPTS GROUP, LLC, Artist Manager, and creator of Charles McCree Presents: Project Walk A Mile In My Shoes: a charity shoe drive that raises shoes for the homeless and inner city youth, but most importantly I am a dreamer.  What I enjoy most about my job is that I get to live my dreams and help people to realize theirs at the same time. 

I am responsible for: creatively market the artists both online and off, broker deals on their behalf, & oversee the handling of all business matters concerning projects for the artists, to ensure that each department is doing what needs to be done in order to take the artists to the highest level possible while maintaining the brand of the company and build & maintain new relationships with key partners & online bloggers/social media outlets.

Question #2

Alvin:  What do you wish to accomplish 1 year from today? 

Charles:  One year from now I would like to have raised over 10,000 pairs of shoes for my charity Walk a Mile in My Shoes, I would like to have taken my artist to the next level in their careers, and I hopefully will be continuing on my journey to inspire more people to use their influence to help other people.

Question #3

Alvin:  What has been your largest step to manhood? 

Charles: My largest step to manhood has definitely been taking full responsibility of living my dreams.  As man, I have had to realize that you don’t get to pass blame on others for your life turning out the way that it has.  Your life is a sum total of decisions and choices that you make everyday… as a man it is your responsibility to take charge of your life and keep going even when they way gets hard. As a man you are a role model, and should take that role very seriously.

Question #4

Alvin:  If you had the opportunity to walk a mile in anyone shoes who would that person be?

Charles:  Very good question… I would have to say my father in his younger years before I was born.  My father is an extraordinary man, and my example of what a man and a father should be.  I would love to see some of what he went through as a child growing up that lead him to become the great, strong, and lovable person he is today. As a child I always felt safe when my father was around, and pray that I can give to my children what he gave to me.

Question #5

Alvin:  What has been your most touching story since the start of “Project Walk a Mile in My Shoes”?  

Charles:  Project Walk a Mile in My Shoes is very special to me; it was started back in 08 when I was going through a very trying time in my life.  I was determined to not let what I was going through define who I would become! So I went to God in prayer, and I asked him how I could show him that I was not bitter by what I was going through… and also how could I show him that if he blessed me to live my dreams I would not make it be just about me, but use all my resources to help as many people as I could. Then he gave me the idea to start the shoe drive the name and all right there in the middle of my prayer. Our first year I did the shoe drive in an area where a lot of homeless people live and walk the streets when word got out about what we were doing there was a line wrapped outside the door of homeless men and woman who needed shoes… and I was able to give each one of them a pair. That moment changed my life forever!


Alvin:  What has been the best advice you’ve received about being a man?

Charles:  The best advice I think that I have been giving as a man was given to me by radio personality and my former boss: Frank Ski on V-103 he said “Always know your worth… and ask for it! You might not get it, but at least the person that you are talking to knows that you know” the most important thing that you can know as a man is your worth! Your worth to your family, your worth to your job, and your worth to the world! I can now say that at age 31 I now know all three… and I am a better man because of it!

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