Manly Jobs: The Toughest Job You’ve Ever Worked

Some of the toughest jobs that ever taken still resonate with me to this very day. 

During childhood years taking the hard jobs and doing them exceptionally well proved to the men in our local community that you had what it take to be a man.  Some of the toughest jobs worked at age 15-18 were stocking washers and dryers at Sears, laying sod for a community project, or baling hay during a hot summer day. 

Tough jobs will break you and show you what you were made of.  If I were to ask those who worked by my side what was the lesson they will echo my response exactly.  We learned hard work, dedication, and commitment. 

At the end of the day we knew how to hustle and we were not afraid of hard work and tough jobs.     

I’m not the only one with a story; share a tough job that you’ve ever done with your father, uncle or on your own.

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