Review: “The Evolution Of Dad” Documentary

We are a nation of self made men – Henry Clay

Two Thumbs Up!

“The Evolution of Dad” documentary will be one of the biggest dad films to date.  This documentary is powerful, thought provoking, and eye-opening; it captures your attention and keeps you engaged the entire time.   As the tag-line states “You’ll never look at your father the same way again” the documentary delivers on its promise by showing how fathers evolved from being a self made man, to a stay at home dad, and grandfather’s assuming an active role in fathering their grandchildren.   

Real Talk.  Lively Feedback.

The experts and volunteers from the film share lively feedback expressing how fathers have evolved, how fathers assumed new roles at home and unfortunately fathers who remain absent from their children to date.   The documentary does a great job taking steps to explore challenges with fathers and fatherhood.   

Target Audience

“The Evolution of Dad” is a film for everyone, everyone can relate to this film and after watching the documentary it’s been said that “You’ll never look at your father the same way again”.  Guaranteed if watched in a group this film will lead to great conversation or something more. 

My Thoughts

This isn’t your typical feel good documentary nor does it point fingers or play the blame game.   It’s positive, it’s real talk and there’s passion.  This masterpiece is informative, thought provoking, and subconsciously call you to action.  After watching you’ll begin to think about how fathers have evolved, how parenting is being done today and how you will want to be a part of the solution. 

Involved fathers and mothers are on the job twenty four hours a day seven days a week however involved parents are outnumbered by those who are not involved.  It was great seeing the different roles of parenting fathers and mothers took on when they are at home.  Watch the film and see if the way you parent at home has been identified in this film.    

The stay at home dad (SAHD) piece was interesting, dads who stay at home while moms who go to work these men are referred to as a stay at home dad in short SAHD.  Some stay at home dads draw heat from people who see them as a man without work.  To me it doesn’t matter what’s decided just as long as those kids are being cared for.  Something to think about, if a SAHD raise the kids while mom is away what will his sons grow up to be like, how will the girls carry themselves now.  Dana Glazer interviews a family in the film that provides insight to this concern the father was a SAHD and his kids are now of age. 

Family, work, balance has become a front page issue and a challenge for society as a whole.  Everyone is learning how to do more with less as technology push us to keep up with competition, tasks from work, or future projects.  From the film some are successful and others struggle. 

Give it to me straight and The Evolution of Dad did just that.  My overall review of this film:  ( A -)

What Could Have Been Better

Initially the DVD wasn’t encouraging I thought that there could have been an easier way to distribute this film.  After watching the film the content was exceptional and I felt that the film compensated for short comings with distribution.          

Film Information

Director: Dana H. Glazer

Genre: Documentary, Fathers

Tagline: You’ll never look at your father the same way again.

Runtime:  1hr 34min

Release date: 18 May 2010

What Topics To Expect

  •  Men take care of the kids and mom goes to work
  •  Grandfathers and their role as fathers
  •  “Mommy and Me” classes are for women
  •  Stay at home dads
  •  Self made men
  •  Working dads struggle to balance at home time with children
  •  Women and their lives during the great depression
  •  The women movement and equal rights
  •  What does it mean to be an involved father?
  •  Confront stereotype’s that stay at home dads face 
  •  Mom parenting skills and Dads parenting skills are different
  •  A bias’s court system for divorced fathers?
  •  Family, work balance and it’s challenges
  • Family and Medical leave Act
  • Paid parental leave
  • Equally shared parenting, Tag-team parenting or co-parenting
  • Part time jobs offers fathers time to be a parent at home
  • Teach values to our children

The Experts

Dr. Scott Coltrane

Dr. Michael Kimmel

Don Lipari

Sara Mandelbaum

Dr. Kyle Pruett

Julie Shields

Jeremy Adams Smith

Roland Warren

Joan Williams

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2 Discussions on
“Review: “The Evolution Of Dad” Documentary”
  • I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the movie and look forward to reviewing it as well. Do you think the representation of each of the subjects was pretty well balanced?

  • Hey Kevin, thanks for your feedback I’m glad to see you’ll receive your personal copy of the DVD as the documentary doesn’t disappoint. In an hour and thirty four minutes a number of topics are covered and covered well, I feel subjects were balanced. The documentary is about the evolution of dad and how things have changed over the many years. Truth be told you can make a series of documentaries with all the different topics that were discussed. Its thought provoking and quite informative after watching you would have thought of several new topics to add. I started writing down other topics I would like to see discussed in the form of their next documentary. So much was talked about and so much is left to talk about, Dana Glazer really thought about how to tie all the pieces together in 1hr 34min. My list above for “what topics to expect” are not chapters of the film it’s more of a snapshot of what to expect. And of course there were other topics but these are the ones that stood out.

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