Five Minute Interview: Dana H. Glazer


Alvin: Who are you, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it? 

Dana: My name is Dana Glazer. I’m a dad and a filmmaker and both are my greatest passions. I like being a dad because being connected with my kids is incredibly meaningful. What I like most about being a filmmaker is the opportunity to connect with lots of people out in the world. The Evolution of Dad was my attempt at trying to fuse these two passions together.


Alvin: Its 2013 what changes do you want to see with fatherhood?

Dana:  Fatherhood is a slowly evolving role – as much as I’d like it to be otherwise. Change must come from within and that takes time. What I do hope is that perhaps in the short term the US government will step up and join the rest of the industrialized nations of the world by offering paid parental leave. It won’t change hearts and minds but it can certainly support those changes when they are ready to happen.


Alvin: What are your favorite activities to enjoy with your sons? 

Dana: God, there are so many. Playing hide and seek.  Reading. Hiking. Watching classic movies. Everything Star Wars. Anything that involves tickling and wrestling.


Alvin: Name one thing you still put into practice today taught to you by your father and are you successful with passing this down to your children? 

Dana: My father was and remains a very loving, caring dad and I have tried to give my kids as much love and he gave to me.


Alvin: Tell a story, name something that you’ve done or experienced that became your largest step to manhood?

Dana: There are lots of moments in my life when I saw myself becoming a man but I don’t think any of them really compare to that moment when I first held my son in my arms. There really was something transformative about that.


Alvin: What personal advice do you have for fathers and men navigating their way through fatherhood and manhood?

Dana: Demand more when it comes to work/family balance. The long term effects on you, your children and the larger culture are massive.


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