Manly Conversation: 11 Clever Tips

Wondered why you never were invited to return to conversations? I promise it wasn’t your cologne but it could have been one of the following tips.

Men need men to become better men, I’ve always surrounded myself with great men and today having meaningful conversations comes natural.   But if you’re not careful you could be shown the door.  See how to ask questions, how to interrupt, adding to the conversation and being a good story teller are all clever tips.  Ninety percent of the time a mans conversation is about what you know and what you can prove so know your facts.

Know your facts

There is nothing worse than sharing bad information especially when it’s important.  Knowing your facts gives you credibility and people will start to listen.  Tips to getting your facts straight consider your source and read, read, and read some more.  Remember no one knows everything even though it may seem that way, but simply know what you’re talking about; verify your facts before sharing bad information.      

How to interrupt

Make eye contact with speaker this lets him know you have something to say.  Wait and let speaker finish his thought then say excuse me and state your business keeping it short and to the point.   What’s behind the message that calls for an interruption?  Is the house burning down, the bathroom is flooding or are we all out of grape jelly.  Our brain operates faster than we speak so pause and think about your message to see if it‘s what you want to ask, if so listen, wait, then interrupt properly. 

Giving Support

Make sure to pull out all stops and help out where you can assurance and solid support makes all the difference.  Listen carefully to what’s being said and be positive when giving advice.  Be a friend during the conversation but don’t compromise self when hearing information that’s not true or correct.    

Asking Questions

To avoid looking like the entire conversation is new to you ask a minimum of two or a maximum of three questions during the conversation.  It’s good to ask questions, asking too many questions turns the conversation into a training session.  Who’s the subject matter expert for the conversation?  When there’s a break in the conversation ask for his personal opinion if you’re still having questions.  Remember not to ask questions just to ask questions listen to the conversation to learn what you don’t know. 

Be Confident  

Open and frank discussion is welcomed, so be confident say what you mean and mean what you say.  Don’t back pedal we all make mistakes and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself if you make one.  Know the difference between you laughing at your mistake instead of being the joke of the conversation.  Be confident but never it’s never cool put yourself down.  Also remember to make eye contact with listeners when speaking.

Stay on the same page

Today I went to Home Depot and purchased 2 gallons of “ortho weedbgone” and when I get home I’m going to tackle the weeds in the back yard.  Wait a minute, this post is about tips for a manly conversation.  How did we get here discussing garden spray for killing grass?  Stay on the same page and follow the natural flow of the conversation.  

Be Yourself

Conversation with the guys should be honest, open, and opinionated.  Your point of view adds to the conversation.  Be you, joking, and talking it up.  Talk about topics that interest you and the group.  During conversations don’t be afraid to be you no one is critiquing you as much as you are.

Add to conversation

The conversation starts prior to meeting up it begins with a football game you’ve watched, information you’ve read online from, the book you finished reading, family matters at home or a simple magic trick you may have learned at a coffee shop.  It’s important you add your perspective, and your thoughts when adding to the conversation.  

Separate emotion from fact

What you feel is important but what are the facts.  Nine times out of ten men want to see the trees from the forest.  Separate emotions from the facts.

Be a good story teller 

Share an adventure, a journey, a success story, a failure, let the story be your story.  Here are simple steps for telling a story.   Tell us what you are going to tell us, then tell us the how, who, when, what, and then give the end result with a bang. 

Keep it short 

Don’t rush, if the conversation is interesting your listeners will ask for more and if that’s the case give the long version of the story.  Keep it short enough to keep listeners listening.   The attention span of people is short so be clear for example in seconds TV commercials get there point across more than we need them to. 


During conversations you will experience humor, brutal honesty, shared life experiences, and support.  Conversations amongst men can be an experience. 

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