The Perfect Handshake: What Does Your Handshake Say?

Today we communicate bits of information about ourselves by the way we shake hands.  What does your handshake say or what would you like it to say?

 Let’s walk through the perfect handshake so you know.  For starters it’s simple, quick, and to the point.  Whether you’re greeting someone for the first time, to make a pact, to congratulating someone for an award, or to agree to disagree the handshake is important.  For many years this custom has emerge both as a necessity and leisure.  

Here are steps to the perfect handshake

Step#1: The initiator makes eye contact.  If you’re sitting, stand up to extend your hand for the handshake.

Step#2: Grip hand firmly and give hand at a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 shakes.

Step#3: Release hand without delay.

The handshake conversation is happening and comes as no surprise!  Fathers, male role models, and bosses are talking and have all explained the proper way to render a perfect handshake.  The perfect handshake let’s you know whether or not the other person is self-aware or confident.  Anything less than you start to wonder if the person shaking your hand maybe skipped breakfast for that morning.  Whatever it is we’re left asking the question what was that?  His hands were wet, just limp, or the entire moment was awkward.

Some handshakes have earned their very own name.  Let’s see what to look for when shaking hands. 

  • Dead man shake: the hand is limp and lifeless just as you would shake the hand of a deceased person.  This is definitely an awkward moment.
  • Sweaty palms: Some get nervous when meeting someone important so their hands sweat.  Keep a handkerchief close to dry those hands.  Nothing more uncomfortable than confirming you’re nervousness with your boss with sweaty palms.
  • Dirty man shake: Just finished washing hands, blowing the nose, or scratching the bum.  Excitement forces a handshake in spite of hands condition.  No handshake is that important simply acknowledges the person with a sir or ma’am it’s nice to meet you. Lastly say excuse me but I have something on my hands.
  • Secret shake: Groups, clubs, fraternities or sororities create handshake to show acceptance.
  • Congratulatory shake: Similar to the prefect handshake it may be a bit longer due to congratulating someone worthy of being congratulating.
  • Awardee shake:  A formal handshake were the person receiving the award will shake with his right hand and receive the award with his left hand. 
  • Dap greeting: An informal greeting used amongst family and close friends.  This involves hands being balled into a fist.  The initiator will pound the top of the receiver’s fist and the same action will be returned.
  • The fist bump: An informal greeting.  The fist bump is to acknowledge, congratulate, and or a sanitary way to avoid shaking hands.

We say so much without saying one word.  Makes sure you’re communicating the right message with a proper handshake.  The purpose of the handshake conveys trust, understanding, close deals, and build relationships between one another.

Are there other handshakes that have yet to be discovered share your thoughts in our comment section below?


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