Step to Manhood #4

“Ready to accept to full responsibility for self and actions.” 

One step closer to manhood.  To help someone explore their step feel free to share your thoughts, quotes, or anecdote in the comment section below.

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“Step to Manhood #4”
  • Just this morning I was faced with a minor decision where I was required to step-up and take responsibility. I like to wake-up when the house is quite and my wife and kids are still asleep. I was downstairs getting ready for my daily 10k cycle-ride to work when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed ‘something’ scurry across the floor. Right there I had a choice, investigate or ignore. I was so tempted to ignore and head off to work. But that would mean leaving it to “someone else” which in this case would have been my wife and children!! So I investigated. Forty-five minutes later I had tracked-down and caught the scurrying little fieldmouse and returned him to the wild. Those forty-five minutes made me late for work and changed my plans for the morning. But I guess sometimes we must act on the spot, no time for a planning meeting, no time to weigh up the alternatives, just time to take responsibility and “master the moment.”

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