Preparedness: Things You Should Have In Your Car

No one enjoys being stranded for 3 hours or even for 30 minutes.  Here are essential items to have in your car in the case of an emergency.   

1. Flash Light: Useful at night when changing a flat tire.

2. Jumper Cables: Use to start vehicle when the battery dies.

3. Water : Used to cool an overheated engine.

4. Lug wrench: Use to remove lugs. If wheel have locks be sure to bring key.

5. Reflective Triangle: Warns other motorist of accident.

6. Umbrella: For unexpected rainy days.

7. First aid kit: Can be used until medical assistance arrives.

8. Spare tire: Your replacement during a flat or blowout.

9. Car Jack: Used to lift vehicle to change flat tire. Use owners manual for proper location for the jack.

10. Cell phone charger: Keeping your phone charged.

11. Roadside flare: At night flare warns motorist of accident scene.

12. Poncho: Stay dry during the rain while changing a flat tire.

13. Owners manual: Great source for locating small car details.

14. Fix a flat foam spray: Instant puncture repair spray for tires.

15. A plastic mat: Something to kneel on when changing a flat tire.

16. Towel: Use to dry your face or hands.

17. Gloves: Protection for you hands during emergencies.

18. Tire Gauge: measures air pressure for spare tire.

 “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”  Ben Franklin


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