How to be a Gentleman

  1. A gentleman never allows a door to slam in the face of another person – male or female, absolute stranger or longtime best friend.
  2. A gentleman does not make jokes about race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation; neither does he find such jokes amusing.
  3. A gentleman knows how to stand in line and how to wait his turn.
  4. A gentleman knows how to be polite.
  5. A gentleman knows how/when to be discreet.
  6. A gentleman knows how to make others feel comfortable.
  7. A gentleman knows not to use the a cell phone in an elevator, unless he is alone, or in the company of only friends or coworkers.
  8. A gentleman does not beat around the bush.
  9. If a gentleman has left a telephone message for, or sent an e-mail to, another person, he does not leave badgering follow-up calls or insistent follow-up emails, especially if no deadline is involved.
  10. A gentleman removes his hat when going indoors.
  11. A gentleman never eats his lunch while behind the wheel of a vehicle.
  12. A gentleman does not brag or whine.
  13. A gentleman always carries dollar bills in his pocket.  He never knows when he may need to tip someone.
  14. A gentleman thinks before he speaks.
  15. A gentleman can take criticism with an open mind.
  16. A gentle never knowingly insults another person; neither does he participates in the embarrassment of others.
  17. A gentleman knows it is always best to keep an apology simple.
  18. A gentleman doesn’t text during dinner.
  19. When a gentleman wears a double-breasted suit, he never leaves his jacket unbutton.
  20. A gentleman open doors.  Pull out chairs. 
  21. A gentleman always has an umbrella to share.
  22. A gentleman’s socks always match or at least compliment, his trousers. 
  23. A gentleman exercises good hygiene
  24. A gentleman doesn’t fart or belch in public.
  25. A gentleman does not answer the phone during dinner.
  26. A gentleman doesn’t talk about him self too much.
  27. A gentleman still brings a card or a flower.
  28. A gentleman doesn’t talk down to women.
  29. A gentleman doesn’t walk and send text messages at the same time.
  30. A gentleman look people in the eyes when you greet them and shake their hand.
  31. A gentleman is on time or early.
  32. A gentleman is expected to pay if he initiates a dinner date or meeting.
  33. A gentleman says please and thank you.
  34. A gentleman gives confident handshakes.
  35. If a gentleman says he will call, he lives up to his word.

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